Krishi Vigyana Kendra Invites Transgenders for Poultry Farming Course

Krishi Vigyana Kendra Invites Transgenders for Poultry Farming Course

Mangaluru: The Krishi Vigyana Kendra offered 48 weeks of diploma courses to the Agriculture input dealers. The 31st week of the Diploma course for Agriculture input dealers was held at the Fisheries College Yekkur on June 9. The course is held only on Saturdays for 48 weeks.

On June 9, Professor of Aquatic Biology and Head of Krishi Vigyana Kendra Dr Shivakumar Magada invited the members of Parivarthan Charitable Trust to take part in the programme.

Dr Shivakumar Magada welcomed the gathering and recited a song. Addressing the participants, Dr Magada said, “Today we are here to learn about the medicinal and aromatic plants. But before that, we should know a little bit about the life of the most neglected community.” On June 6, the Zilla Panchayat and Parivarthan Charitable Trust held a workshop on income generating activities for transgenders and on how they can get involved and take up these projects. Heads of various institutions were also present.

Dr Magada further said, “We all know what transgenders do to earn their livelihood since we have neglected them. When I attended the workshop at the Zilla Panchayat, I was shocked to hear their pathetic stories. So, I decided to help them in my capacity. Today, I have invited the Founder of Parivarthan Charitable Trust Violet Pereira and Secretary Sanjana to interact with us at our premises. We should all respect transgenders since they are also humans like us and it is not their fault to be born as transgenders. Infact, it is due to hormonal imbalance that they have been born like that. On Monday, we have invited 6 transgenders to take part in the poultry farming course along with other participants. We will consider them as any other participant and welcome them for the course.”

Speaking on the occasion Violet Pereira said, “Parivarthan Charitable Trust started with the intention of bringing the transgenders to the mainstream. It is a ray of hope for the Transgender community. One day when I thought of writing about the life of transgenders, I was shocked to hear about the hardships and pain they have gone through in life. I immediately felt that I should do something to help them. Later I discussed with them of forming a trust and naming it as Parivarthan since I wanted to bring changes in them and bring them to the mainstream”.

Violet further said, “Through Parivarthan we have celebrated the Transgenders day, we all celebrate various days but we have forgotten that transgenders are also humans and they too want to celebrate. I dedicated my birthday to them and since two years we are celebrating Transgenders day on March 12. We are also holding programmes in various colleges to sensitize the students to have a positive attitude towards transgenders. On June 6, ZP held a workshop for our members and Dr Shivakumar Magada was one of the resource persons. I like the way Dr Shivakumar rendered his support for the transgenders by offering them land to do farming. I request everyone to treat the transgenders as human beings and respect them. Let’s all join hands with Parivarthan to bring changes in the lives of the transgender community.”

Parivarthan Secretary Sanjana sharing her bitter experience said, “When I was in 6th standard I wanted to wear a Saree but I was afraid of my parents. One day while I was dressed in a saree my mother came back home and was surprised to see me in the saree. She thrashed me and said, the Saree was only for women, why do you wear it? I said that I simply tried but later the desire to wear a Saree, applying etc increased in me. When I was in 10th standard I was troubled and had answered only the Hindi paper. My father had given me some money to join the computer classes but I spent that money and with the remaining Rs 30, I went to Bengaluru by Lorry and met the transgender community members. One of the transgender assured me of helping to have the surgery done and assigned me for begging in their group. At that time I thought that life was not easy, if I wanted to be a transgender I had to beg or get involved in sex work. I was made to beg and involve myself in sex work for one year after which I was cheated of all the money I had earned. later I continued begging and had undergone the surgery.

After the Parivarthan Charitable trust was started we have got many opportunities. I have completed my beautician course. At present I am working in a parlour, recently when I was sitting in the bus stop, the police called me and assaulted me. If any girl would have been assaulted in my place, various organizations would have have protested but today the Parivarthan Charitable trust alone is fighting to give justice to us. Why is the society treating us so bad? I request everyone to treat us like humans and allow us to lead a respectful life.”

Scientist Dr Sadashiva Nadukere delivered the talk on Medicinal plants.

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